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December 13, 2016 Toronto, ON, Canada

My immune system must be very low because I've been sick numerous times this year. It's always a variation (and sometimes a combination) of colds/sore throat/cough and worst of all the flu! It really sucks but I have some advice on how to combat (because obviously my prevention needs work, any advice?) sickness. I have not succeeded in avoiding, I thought I did, then bam sore throat!

In no particular order..

Ginger - When I start to feel my throat getting scratchy, I buy ginger in bulk at the supermarket. I hoard it with lemons. I have ginger tea but I feel the fresh ginger is more effective. I peel the ginger and mash it a little to release the liquid. I put in a pot with sliced lemons and slowly boil them together. You can either drink the tea with a bit of honey or leave it plain. I usually leave it plain.

Lozenges - I love the one's from Japan that my friend Keiko buys for me. But cepacol (extra strength) and ricola also works for me.

Vicks - I use vick's to rub in my chest when I have a cough but also when I have congestion. To alleviate my congestion, I boil water and pour it over a washing basket (plastic tub) with a scoop of Vicks.  Then, I take a big towel (big enough to cover your head and the tub) and stand above the washing basket with the towel over my head. Make sure it's completely covered because you have to trap the steam so it will clear out your nose/congestion.

Neocitran - I usually take this at night so I don't get drowsy. And I only take half. It's enough to make me sleep and relive me from congestion/coughing/and runny nose until I wake up the next day. 

Citrus - I'm obsessed with calamansi lately ever since my trip back to the Philippines. I usually drink hot water with it. And right now, I stocked up on clementines as well to get more vitamin C. 

Vitamins - I keep forgetting to get new one's since I ran out this year. Finally made it to the store to buy Vitamin C and D for winter.

Sleep - you have to try to get plenty of rest. I know you have jobs but after that, try to sleep more than your usual hours to help your body through this sickness.

Hope this helps you (even a little). Let me know if you have any additional tips/advice :)

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**Please note that I'm not a Doctor. If you have any problems, please consult your Physician.


  1. Definitely travel & winter essentials! Stay healthy, babe!

    Enclothed Cognition

  2. I always seem to catch a cold when traveling so these tips are definitely needed! Too bad I don't think you can get Vicks over here!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Yeah I'm always sick before, after, and in between! I have the worst luck!

  3. I cannot sing the praises of ginger enough! I used to be skeptical as a kid because I thought it was random superstitious stuff my mom would say to me, but as I got older I really think it works for me!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

  4. Great post! i have definitely upped my Vitamin C intake during the cold months and I love drinking bone broth, it really warms me up! =o)

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