Travel Tips Part I

March 9, 2017

I started writing down my tips while I travel and somehow accumulated a lot of it so here are my travel tips (in no particular order). Hope this list will help you smooth out your travels. 

1. Always bring comfortable shoes. I walk a lot when I travel so I have finally learned to pack my sneakers. It might not be the most stylish but it is very comfortable and I don't get blisters. 

2. Pack your crossbody bag with you. This is especially helpful when you are traveling to Europe. Pick pockets are everywhere so make sure you have your bag in front of you at all times. And also allows you to carry your hand luggage more easily.

3. Always watch your steps. Cobblestones and poop in Europe are dangerous! 

4. If you wear a backpack, make sure wear it in front when you are in crowded places. Or lock the zippers.

5. Or don't store any valuables in your backpack and keep a small crossbody bag for your valuables.

6. Always pack an emergency kit and medicine. I can't stress this enough since I always get sick. Make sure you have advil, band aids, pepto, strepsil, neocitran, etc on your kit.

7. Bring pens for those customs paperwork. And bring extra's for people who forget (i.e my boyfriend). Do not use ink pens as it will smudge.

8. I always pack chamomile tea to cure upset stomach.

9. Always pack socks, scarf, tissue's, hand sanitizer, eye mask, travel pillow, headphones, and disposable hand wipes on your carry on. 

10. Pack snacks. No one wants to go hangry! 

11.  Always bring bug spray when going to tropical destinations. And at least 2 bottles of sunscreen (it sucks running out and paying more $$).

12. Leave your expensive jewellery at home.

13. Have a sweater/hoodie handy when you board the plane. It's always chilly inside and it's better to have it with you by the time you sit down instead of fumbling around the overhead bins once you take off.

14. Always pack the chargers for the electronics that you will be using on your flight.

15. Keep a hard copy of your plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc. I usually copy it twice. One hard copy on my carry on purse and one inside my luggage. And I have it on my email as well.

16. Always keep small change of the local currency for tipping. 


  1. great travel tips! i've learnt to always bring trainers instead of heels because sometimes it's comfort over fashion aha
    Mary Lee

  2. I actually do most of these myself! I definitely like to be prepared, haha.

  3. i love the tips! i like to have this as a reference thank you for sharing!

    Love lots,

  4. Great and useful tips! I'll keep this in mind, Christine. Thanks! :)

    Nikaia |


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