Vending machines in Japan

January 12, 2015

Vending machines are everywhere in Japan.I mean EVERY where..from street corners to train stations and even outside temples. Vending machines are not just for beverages; it's also used for food, cigarettes, and many more but this is only what I saw so far. I even found one strictly for sake cups (more on that later). The beverage machines contains water, pocari sweat (sports drink), various kinds of tea (green tea, milk tea and oolong tea), coffee, energy drinks, cola's, fanta, etc. You can also have either hot or cold drinks. 
We used this vending machine to order our ice cream. You basically use this machine to select your preferred ice cream and to pay. You will receive a ticket after payment and you will provide that ticket to the vendor so you can receive your ice-cream. The vendor never touches the money. Very hygienic. 
It's the same for some restaurants especially for ramen and fast food. You have to use the vending machine upon entering the restaurant to pick your food and drinks. You pay upfront and you will get a ticket to provide the server(s). It's very quick and efficient. I love that they have photos of the food on the machines so you will know what you are ordering. I found that Japan had more visuals when it comes to food. I would be so lost if I had to figure out how to order without pictures. It was so easy when you can see the visuals. 
The photo above was taken outside another ramen restaurant. Again, we had to use the vending machine to order our food before going inside the restaurant. This was on top of Kyoto Station. A whole floor of restaurants. It's really hard to go hungry in Asia. Wall to wall restaurants in every street corners. I love Asia! 
Vending machine next to the train tracks. Makes it easy to buy drinks before boarding the train. The train station is also full of stalls selling food so you can purchase snacks/food to take with you on your train journey. Much cheaper and more selections than purchasing your food while on the train. 
And this was taken outside a temple. Quenching my thirst after exploring temples. I'm sure there are more types of vending machines in Japan. I can't wait to discover more next time I go back.


  1. Oh my gosh. That is amazing. I'm such a visual person and I'd probably spend a pretty penny on several vending machines! :)

    1. I spent a lot of time just looking at them. Making a purchase was hard..too many choices!

  2. I love this post, very fun to read and so interesting! I've been to Japan once and did notice these vending machines but never acknowledged them being a regular thing :)

  3. I took so many photos of vending machines when I was in Tokyo! Some of them are ridiculous. Sadly, the hard drive with the pictures died and we lost most of them... an excuse to go back, I guess!

    1. oh no, that's terrible! You definitely have to go back ;)

  4. this is FASCINATING'
    its like the vending machines can do everything! even taking orders in a restaurant?? wow


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