Balicasag Island

November 7, 2017 Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

Part of our boat tour was stopping at Balicasag Island for snorkeling. We decided to bring our own snorkels for the tour. You can also rent it there but honestly, it's so cheap to buy it in Panglao if you forget to bring your own from home.
I bought mine at Pacifica Dive shop. It was close to our hotel and the staff there were so friendly and helpful. They took the time to help me shop and also gave me a discount.
 All the little boats gathering on the snorkeling spot

Our boat docked at the island and we were greeted by the locals. Our captain dropped us off at the restaurant and you can chose to order food or just use the restaurant to relax. They also have change rooms/washrooms for tourists.  

The food and drinks at the restaurant is more expensive so bringing your own food/snacks comes in handy if you want to save some money.

I talked to my snorkeling guide in Tagalog and he was able to tell me about the island. He said that the population of the island is about 1,000 and they have 120 homes. Electricity only works a couple of hours a day. 
They make money by doing tours, selling food and pearl jewellery. His wife was one of the vendors for pearls and I bought earrings from her.
There was a lot of little kids on the island and I had a bag of chocolates with me that I gave away. They were so cute and polite. I wish I had more chocolates and other toys to give them. If I had known then I would have been more prepared. 

Will definitely bring more things for the kids next time I go there.
Our guide took us snorkeling using a little wooden boat. We had 5 people on that boat including our guide. I asked for a life jacket because I'm not the best swimmer. 

It was really crowded on the reef that we went to. Our guide was the best and helped me move around because we were in a sea of people literally. He took me around and I was a bit nervous at first but I started enjoying snorkeling. I trusted him with my life. Plus I was also wearing a life jacket, haha.
My partner was the one taking pictures of me. 

I was really happy to see the corals and all the fish. I was expecting more school of fish but maybe they got scared of all the tourists there (including us). Mmm..makes me want to learn how to dive. Should I do it? 
 In love with this dog. So sweet! This dog was acting like he doesn't know me in this picture (which is like my bf, but totally in love with me ;) )

After over an hour, we went back to the island. You also have the option of paying extra to see the turtles on the island. We decided to just walk around the island before going back to our boat.


  1. I actually really want to try snorkeling, but I always worry about the idea of having that pipe stay above water for breathing. I guess if you'd want to go deeper into the water you'd have to do scuba diving? What was it like using the snorkeling mask?

    1. You should try it. It's a little bit scary at first but once you get used to breathing with the mask on then it's fine.


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