Alona beach

November 29, 2017 Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines

I found a quieter spot on Alona beach. This was in front on Hennan resort. We didn't stay there but we sat on the beach since it's a public space and they can't kick you out ;)
The water was shallow on this spot. We kept walking from the main entrance of Alona beach. Of course we passed by all the vendors first before getting here. Everyone was selling something or offering massage on the beach.
This was the only quiet spot. Just explored the rocks here and took photos.
The water was clear and shallow. Perfect for goofing around.
I love the free things in life.
And I love being near the ocean. It provides an automatic calmness and ease. We spent a few hours just sitting here and looking at the water. It was bliss!

It's almost December 1st, did you start Christmas shopping? Are you ready for the holidays?


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