15 Random Obervations of Hong Kong

November 14, 2017 Hong Kong

It was my first time visiting Hong Kong and here are my random observations.
You can read about my random observations series here.

1. Great transportation. The MTR is clean and efficient. 
2. They use barriers for passengers for the MTR trains.
3. They use bamboo poles on construction sites.
4. No one ever gives out napkins so you have to carry around your own tissues.
5. The stores will sell winter clothes in 30 degree weather.
6. They have double decker street cars.
7. Watch out for air conditioner drip of water while you are walking on sidewalks.
8. And everyone blasts the air conditioner so you will freeze when you go inside buildings.
9. Recycling and garbage pick up happens at night.
10. Expensive real estate.
11. Cheap food though.
12. Consists of many islands.
13. Cheap taxi's.
14. Awesome shopping and you can go to night markets as well.
15. The milk tea is amazing!!!


  1. It sounds like a nice place to be in. One of my friends who lived there was so surprised at the rent cost as well.

  2. Still haven't been to HK but would love to go someday. Looks like an interesting place to visit (though I've heard not-so-great things but... whatever lol)

    Nice photos, though!
    xx jhanzey.net

    1. Uh oh, what not so great things?

      I hope you get to visit and enjoy Hong Kong!


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