Douro river & Cais de Ribiera

April 26, 2013

After admiring the night view of the waterfront, it was time to see in daylight. Our hotel was up the hill so we walked down slowly admiring all the buildings and then, bam! Stunning waterfront views! Why can't we have this Toronto?? instead of condo buildings? 

I loved the boats adorning port barrels and the colourful ancient houses lined up near the river.  Most of the buildings are now restaurants, cafes, or bars with the best view of the Douro river and you can admire the port cellars on the other side of the river as well.

We walked across the Ponte Luis I bridge again but this time we used the lower deck instead.

Wishing all of you a happy weekend! Next week posts will be all about food :)


  1. Great pictures. I would love to visit Portugal. So pretty.

  2. I live in a really flat area, so it's actually super awesome to see taller condo buildings!

    7% Solution​

    1. I like skyscrapers too but our waterfront is too crowded with tall buildings.

  3. Porto is absolutely gorgeous. It's my favourite city in Portugal aesthetically speaking. Next time try the Port Wine caves (if you haven't already!)

    P.S. Toronto is totally crammed with skyscrapers, but c'est la vie. Chicago is the same, but they've created a beautifully developed water front so I don't mind at all. I think Toronto is on it's way there!

  4. I agree! I love Porto so much! I just wish the Toronto Waterfront can be more aesthetically pleasing. It looks too crowded with condo buildings being built every 5 minutes.


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