Napoli Sotterranea

November 1, 2016 Naples, Italy

I was very excited to take this tour in Naples. The Napoli Sotterranea (underground Naples) tour was amazing! It's about a 2 hour tour for €10.00 that takes you 40 meters below the ground of the Old City of Naples. The tour is conducted in different languages. You are separated at the entrance depending on the language that you prefer.

I recommend wearing a jacket/sweater as it is cool underground. And make sure you wear sensible (closed) shoes. No flip flops! There are lots of stairs and narrow passage ways so it's not recommended for people with mobility issues.

The tour guide will lead you to the aqueducts, passages, and cisterns. Our guide was really funny and informative. The underground was also used as a air-raid shelter in WWII. Quite a lot of history here.

At a certain point, you will use a candle to go through narrow passageways and tunnels.  It's not recommend for claustrophobic and for anyone bigger than 50cm. It was hard to pass through some crevices. You have to hold hands and follow each others voices to get through it. It was very exciting!

My favourite part was the ancient aqueduct! I wish I had better pictures but I only had my cellphone with me and it's dark inside so it's hard to get a decent photo.

And I love that they are using the underground now to cultivate plants and herbs.

I highly recommend this tour! It was a lot of fun while learning the underground of Naples. And lots of surprises (especially at the end)! I won't spoil it ;)


  1. Wow, this sounds SO unique and cool! And totally affordable too! I'm totally adding this to my bucket list! :)

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner


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