Procida Part I

November 22, 2016 Procida, 80079 Procida, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy


I have been saving posting this until the very end. Ooh Procida! If you watched the movie "The Talented Mr. Ripley" then my photos will be familiar as the movie was partly shot on this island. I completely forgot about it until I saw photos on instagram. 

I picked this island because it was quiet. I wanted a peaceful but picturesque island to visit on a day trip from Naples.

We picked the slower boat for this trip. It was a great choice because we snapped photos along the way. If we took the high speed boat, it would have been impossible to take photos while riding the boat. 

We lucked out on the weather being sunny so we stayed at the top deck to enjoy the view! I think the ferry was only 9 Euros each way.

Of course, my first order of business (aside from taking some photos) was finding a gelato shop. I had two scoops of gelato before we proceeded to walk around. I just couldn't function without it in Italy!


  1. Would love to go here some day! One thing that blew me away when I was getting gelato in Italy were all the different flavors they had! I wish I had tried more flavors, but I couldn't read any of the labels that were in Italian xD

    1. Yeah they have tons of flavours! I can't speak or read Italian so I just point at what I wanted ;) It works out!

  2. Seems like every corner of Italy is lovely! Glad I stumbled upon your blog! Another inspiration for my travels :)

    XX Nikaia //

  3. So beautiful and colourful! I love that part of Italy

    I've never watched The Talented Mr. Ripley before but now I want to..I love movies in beautiful settings


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