Spanish steps, Trevi Fountain, & Castel Sant'Angelo

October 24, 2016 Rome, Italy

I was unlucky with some of the famous sites in Rome. One of them was the Trevi Fountain because it was closed for restoration. I still went there to see it even though it was barricaded (so did 100 people) but I still saw the glimpse of it's beauty. I'm sure it is x1000 more beautiful once the water is flowing. 

I loved that they scrubbed it clean and it's pretty much blinding white when you see it in person. No stone was left untouched by the restoration.

The second site that was also closed was the Spanish Steps. I think the restoration was sponsored by Omega because of the giant billboard hanging on top of the steps. Again, that didn't stop me and my fellow tourists from flocking there anyway. 

Everyone was still sitting at the very bottom of the steps and still taking photos. That just means that I have to come back again in Rome to see these places I missed. But I can just imagine how packed it is now that it's both open to the public again.
Castel Sant'Angelo was open but I decided not to enter the castle. I ended up walking around outside and taking photos. 

I am away on a trip. If you would like to follow along my adventures, you can find me on Instagram. Comments will be answered when I get back. Have a great couple of weeks!

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  1. What gorgeous photos! They totally take me way back. I visited once as a child, but I would love to go again in adulthood. The James Bond photo over a historical place kind of cracks me up though, haha.

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    1. Yes that was weird but at least they paid for the restoration.

  2. Jealous of your travels!


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