Shinjuku at night & Omoide Yokocho

January 19, 2015

My friend Keiko is visiting me from Japan! I am so excited to have her here in Toronto again. Three months already went by since I was in Japan and it feels like only yesterday. I hope you all day a great Monday!

We went to Shinjuku station to shop at night. I was looking for an extra battery for my camera and I just generally wanted to window shop. We started inside the underground shops at Shinjuku station before going outside. 

We also accidentally found Omoide Yokocho or "piss alley". It was rows and rows of small restaurants packed with people. We already had dinner before going to Shinjuku so we did not get to try the food there although everything smelled really good. Next time, I will be back to eat here. 

Tokyo comes alive at night! Lots of bright lights. I was completely overwhelmed. Tokyo makes Toronto look like a small rural town. People were spilling everywhere. It was a surge of crowd but at least no one was trying to trample me over. People will give you personal space but it was still pretty crowded and overwhelming. I didn't know where to focus. It was a visual and crowd overload. I felt claustrophobic. I am so thankful we stayed in a quieter part of Tokyo. As much as I love city life, I also need to have my space. And some peace and quiet. 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed while travelling? 


  1. I'm not much of a person to go out at night anymore but oh how I would love to experience the nightlife in Tokyo! Beautiful lights and amazing pedestrian culture! Have a great time with your friend!

    1. It was a nice experience but i'm not into the night life as well. It was fun to walk around Tokyo at night though.

  2. I have definitely felt overwhelmed while traveling, but I think that's a good thing. I can only imagine the chaos and energy of Tokyo at night!


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