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January 14, 2015

I finally jumped the bandwagon and changed my blog template. After years of wanting to do so but never getting around's finally done! Thanks to Jane for changing her blog template and sharing Lorelai's Etsy shop!

Thank you to Lorelai for all the help and for being so patient with me. I love love this "wonderland" template!

I am making a couple of changes and additions to improve my blog. I've added a whole section dedicated to food. "what I ate" will become a food series. We all know I love to eat and each vacation becomes a feast!

I also want to be more proactive in adding tips/guides on my blog. I love reading other travel bloggers advice and guides so it's time to give back as well.

My destinations will be updated more frequently.

I have other projects that I want to do and to collaborate with other bloggers too. I cannot wait!

If you have any questions or suggestions on what I should write or add on my blog. Please feel free to email me.

Thank you for reading my blog! I'm just so happy to be sharing my passion with you! 

P.s. in case you haven't read this yet, here are the 52 places to visit this year




Thank you for your comment. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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