What I Ate: Churrasqueria

May 1, 2013

It's all about food on my blog this week. Specifically, what I ate in Portugal while I was on vacation.
Before I even went to Portugal, I started going to churrasqueria's here in Toronto. I always ordered the grilled or roasted chicken with rice and potatoes.  I was happy with it until I went on vacation and had the best grilled chicken in Porto!

Hands down the best chicken EVER! Tucked away in a little street was Pedros dos Frangos restaurant. We peered inside the window and we were drawn to the grill and the sizzling sound of meat.

Everyone was super friendly and we ordered the meat platter (above photo) and it did not disappoint. It had everything we wanted and blew my expectations away. The sausages were also the best! You must order it with the chicken if you visit this restaurant.
I could not sleep thinking about this dinner. The next day, we went back for more chicken and sausages. We packed it up to go and the really really nice man at the grill counter even packed us the hot sauce to go. We left Porto early morning with our loot in tow and ate the chicken in our car like hungry wolves.

We also looked for a churrasqueria in Lisbon and we were given a recommendation by one of the restaurant server we spoke to. This time, it was rotisserie instead of grilled chicken. It was good but not as good as the one from Porto.
The restaurant is called Restaurante O Churrasco and it's located in the busy Rua Portas. This was our last dinner in Lisbon and it was wonderful. The restaurant is pretty popular but we didn't have to reserve in advance.
I've been trying to find a similar tasting grilled chicken here in Toronto and so far I'm out of luck. I tried Churrasco of  St. Clair last weekend but of course it was a disappointment. I have no idea how to cure my cravings now without booking a plane ticket to Porto. 

Any ideas from people who live in Toronto? And please don't say to make my own..that's going to be impossible. I have no talent in the kitchen.


  1. Love your blog!!


    A chic kiss ;)

  2. All that meat is making my mouth water! Hhm...we're definitely going to have barbecue ribs for dinner now. I'll pretend it's as delicious as that chicken.

  3. Yum! What exactly is a churrasqueria?


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