May 13, 2013

Every year in May, we get to experience the Japanese cherry blossoms here in Toronto at High Park. It was a circus especially this year since the weather co-operated and gave us sunny skies and hot temperatures. Every single Asian person I know descended to High Park with picnic and camera in tow. I have never seen that park filled in every square inch with people and cars.

I was one of those eager cherry blossoms fanatic. It never gets old year after year. I always make it a point to go although every year I always curse myself from fighting the crowd for space.

This time, we went to a quieter side of the park away from the blossoms so we could enjoy a picnic. We had our Portuguese grilled chicken from Costa Verde (much better!)and potatoes while people watching the crowd making a walking pilgrimage to the blooms.  photo IMG_0613_zps8171e38f.jpg  photo IMG_0614_zps0ae3bd6d.jpg  photo IMG_0615_zps3014c059.jpg  photo IMG_0618_zps3f545618.jpg  photo sakura1_zps304da505.jpg After our picnic, we joined the pilgrimage and walked to the site where the cherry blossoms trees are located. It was sooo beautiful but a little hard to digest and find a quiet space to relax. I wish I came so early in the morning when it's more peaceful.
 photo IMG_0622_zps126c5ce7.jpg
 photo IMG_0623_zps94c21cfe.jpg


  1. Oh my god you did hanami!!! Gorgeous!!! I had no idea they even existed in Canada. Well, another reason to move to Toronto if I move back some day ;)

    Thanks for sharing, I'm so happy to see that!

    1. yes, we're lucky to have our own :)

  2. I've always loved cherry blossoms! So pretty!


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