What I ate: Portugal

April 29, 2013

One of the reasons why I travel is to try new things and that includes trying local food. I love to eat..if you haven't already noticed on my instagram. I was beyond excited to try Portuguese cuisine.
Our first day in Lisbon was a bit of a blur due to jet lag but I had the best lunch of my life at a little restaurant in the city centre. I ordered a fish special and it was wet rice with fried sardines and it was to die for!!! It was really really yummy! And I regret not taking a picture of it but I was too hungry to pause. I had to just eat and eat!
We went back there a couple of times but I cannot remember the name for the life of me.
1. Pastel de nata - from a cafe in Lisbon sooo gooood!
2. Pastel de nata - from Belem is even better! 
3. Pork Sandwich from Porto - sooo amazing! Crispy pork that was chopped up to make this sandwich! Score! 
4. Vegetable soup - this was an every day staple and my fave soup! Super healthy!
5. Lunch in Belem - a little bit of everything

I wish I took more food photos but most of the time I was too hungry or too shy to whip out my camera in restaurants. I mostly used my iphone to be discreet. 


  1. Girl you are in my country! Well, my mom's country. I never realized how good portuguese food was until I introduced it to other people. I'm so glad you went to Portugal, seriously. Eeeeek <3 [I'm heading over again this summer, but it's so second nature to me from all my visits.]

  2. So lucky!!! I want to go back so I can eat all my fave foods!


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