May 15, 2013

After spending a whole weekend in Oporto, it was time to head back to Lisbon to pick up our rental car. It took longer that we expected to get all the paperwork and the car ready at DS Car Rental in Lisbon but we got our little Fiat Punto. It's a really small car but it was perfect for us. I had to put my suitcase in the trunk and that was all that could fit..everything else went to the back seat.  photo IMG_8847_zpsa8992512.jpg Getting out of Lisbon was easy but putting gas in our car was another story. We couldn't figure out which gas to use and it took us forever to leave the gas station. And of course the cost of gas was astronomical!!! I don't even understand why some people drive an SUV in Europe. The parking alone is a nightmare. We crossed the Abril de 25th Bridge and headed down to Algarve. We we're going to stay in Faro for 2 days. We took a toll road and it was amazing! The drive was easy and it took us about 2 hours to drive from Lisbon to Faro but we payed 20 euros worth of toll (yikes!).  photo IMG_8853_zpsf86bab3a.jpg We arrived in Faro late in the evening and the next day we drove around the region. Our first stop was Albufeira. We passed by orange trees everywhere and pottery stores. A lot of people were selling oranges on the road side for 2 euros. It was really really good. We ate a lot of oranges that day.  photo IMG_8855_zpsb2080935.jpg We stopped by the marina in Albufeira to explore and to stretch our legs. I can only imagine how nice it is here in the summer time. We saw a lot of vacation homes. It must be nice to live there for a couple of months. I can only imagine this region in the summer time full of tourists.  photo IMG_8854_zps1cadcebe.jpg  photo IMG_8862_zps6e6718c1.jpg


  1. I could imagine the same thing happening to me at a gas station there!

  2. i am definitely afraid to drive in the cities in europe. id be fine once on the highway but the cities and parking... no thank you

    1. I didn't drive. My bf did, thank god. It's definitely challenging once we got to the city. The streets were confusing and finding parking was hard.


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