Fun Adventures in Naha, Okinawa

June 10, 2022

Our flight was cancelled so we drove to Naha to sort out our flights. My husband called Customer Service but they were not very helpful so we had to go to the source in order to sort out our plans. 

We drove in a torrential downpour from Onna to Naha. Poor Keiko was driving and it was scary on the road with the heavy rain. 

We made it to Onna and we went to the airport directly to speak to the counter agents at Jetstar. They were really nice. We were all offered a flight the next day with free hotel and food voucher. We were supposed to all go to Osaka together and Keiko was supposed to stay with us for 1 night. But she decided to stay with us in Naha for 1 more night and fly back directly to Nagoya. 

We had 1 night together before we had to go our separate ways again so we made the best of it. 

Our first stop was lunch. We found this small restaurant close to our hotel. I remember eating the best rice bowl with pork here. Maybe I was just super hungry but it was really delicious! 

We walked around the touristy main street of Naha. Lot of stores and restaurants. And of course we have to stop by the pharmacy. I still regret not buying this kawaii backpack. 

Keiko and I found this cake shop where they make Baumkuchen which means tree cake in German. Not sure how it became popular in Japan but we were intrigued. It's made in a spit which is how it looks like tree rings. I don't know how long it takes to make Baumkuchen but I wanted to eat it. We got a slice and took it back to our hotel and we both demolished it. 

Also, finally tried Blue Seal ice cream. I tried the Okinawan sea salt flavour. It was good but nothing to get excited about. 


This was our eating day adventure and we found a dumplings restaurant. 

We sat on the tatami floor and Keiko ordered for us. We basically copied what people ordered besides us, haha. We got dumplings, pigs ears, veggies, and cucumbers. We also ordered lemon whisky highball (the best!!!). 


The restaurant was really fun. I don't speak Japanese but the atmosphere was great.        

After eating, we walked around some more and found another izakaya. We ordered more whisky highballs and ordered liver sashimi. Oh man, it was soo good. 

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