Sesoko Island Road Trip

May 21, 2022

We decided to drive to Sesoko Island after visiting Cape Manzamo. We had our GPS to guide us to the little island.
We took a break so we can take pictures and look at the blue sea. It was beautiful! Okinawa is really beautiful.

We had to cross a long bridge that connected Segoko island to Okinawa.
Our first stop after parking was to look for the beach. The water was cold so we didn't swim. 
So gorgeous! But this pic is deceiving because there was a lot of trash on the shore. I just didn't take a picture of that part. Please stop littering. It ends up in the ocean and washes up on shore.
Behind me is the bridge that we crossed to get to the island. 
Friendly dog guarding our car. 
We stopped by a town to look for a bank but the ATM machine did not accept my card so we found a seafood store and decided to look around.
We ended up buying sashimi. So cheap!
Impromptu picnic by the sea. The perfect way to eat sashimi.
Also stopped for an mango ice cream break.

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