Seafood Lunch at Makishi Public Market

June 24, 2022

Our last day in Okinawa was a lot of fun! We had a seafood feast at Makishi Public Market. It's a seafood market on the first floor and restaurants on the second floor. 

We found a restaurant upstairs and sat on tatami mats to eat our lunch. I ordered a sashimi set. My husband ordered a chirashi bowl with tuna and sea grapes. I never heard of sea grapes before but they are everywhere in Okinawa. It's a type of seaweed that grows around Okinawa. It's good for your health because it's packed with minerals. And it's fun to eat! 

Keiko ordered tofu with pork. We ended up sharing our food so we could taste each item. Love the pre-covid days! 

The seafood was of course amazing and it was so cheap. My set was only ¥1,200 yen ($13 CAD). You can't get that price here in Toronto. 

We were enjoying our lunch and just minding our own business when 3 guys sat beside our table. 

They started talking to us (mostly in Japanese so Keiko had to translate). They ordered beer and a big sashimi boat. They bought the seafood at the market on the first floor and the restaurant prepared it for them for a fee. 
They were really friendly and nice to us. They shared their seafood with us. They gave us oysters, unni and lobster sashimi. They offered to buy us drinks.  

Okinawans are really friendly. They are very open to talk to strangers which is surprising because I find most Japanese people are shy and they mind their own business unless you approach them first. 

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