Coming back to Philippines

October 3, 2017 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

When I was planning my trip to Hong Kong, I knew I wanted to break it up by going to another country. 

It was an easy choice to go back to the Philippines since it's always home for me but I only had a week to spend there and I had a hard decision of choosing where to go. Philippines has hundred of islands to choose from. 

I knew I wanted to go to a different island since I've only ever been in Luzon (specifically Manila and Bicol province). Palawan was a contender but my boyfriend was a bit skeptical of safety there so I modified our plan and ended up choosing to go to Cebu and Bohol instead. 

Cebu has a direct flight from Hong Kong so it was an easy choice. 

I have no family or relatives in Cebu so I contacted friends who have been there before. Thanks to my instagram friends and Kat who recommended where to stay and go. I appreciated all the help :)

As much as I love the Philippines, it's still so disorganized and chaotic. Don't get me started on the politics but the simple decency of learning to line up is lost on a lot of people there. And I hate the redundancy. I'm taking about all the extra fees when booking a ticket for the boat specifically.  I had to buy the ticket at one kiosk. Then pay for the terminal fee at another kiosk and another kiosk for luggage fees. Just do it all in one place so I don't waste my time lining up and can pay all at once. 

I hope that next time I return, it will be much more efficient and organized.


  1. HAHAHAHA! Chaotic it is! I've never seen it that way before I started flying to other countries. But it is still home. Welcome back to the Philippines!

  2. I can't believe I missed this. Wishing you the best the next time you come <3

    1. Thank you! It was a really quick trip. Hoping next time will be longer.


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