What I Ate: Dim Sum in Hong Kong

October 11, 2017 Hong Kong

This was our last meal in Hong Kong before going to the airport. We were sad to leave but our friend took us out for dim sum at Royal Legend to send us off. And we did not hold back ordering a ton of food for 3 people. 

The pineapple buns were delicious! I could have eaten a few of those but we had more dishes to eat. 
Shrimp dumplings with chives
 Beef balls, chicken feet, and tripe. I am always ordering chicken feet. I don't know why I like so much.
Siu mai 

It's no secret that I love dim sum. I try to go as much as I can here in Toronto. This is one of the best dim sum's I've had in my life. 

I'll take this breakfast anytime ;)

Have you tried dim sum before? What's your favourite dish?


  1. I hope you slept VERY well on your flight with all this yummy food. I would've had a food coma! Chicken feet are a personal favorite as well. I think it's something about having to eat whatever you can off the bone (which isn't much) that has soaked up the sauces that is delicious.

    1. Yes, I had a great flight! So much better than airplane food. Wish they serve this on every flight ;)


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