Dumuluan Beach, Panglao

October 18, 2017 Panglao Island, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

We asked our favourite restaurant crew which beach to go to that's quieter. They told us to go to Dumuluan beach. As much as I like Alona, it was way too crowded. And I can't get any peace there at all. It's always loud and they have too many vendors that will harass you on the beach.
We took a tricycle (tuk tuk) to take us to Dumuluan beach. It was too far to walk.

It was much better there!
It was peaceful and the beach was clean! And no vendors to keep following you around.

You can just relax, swim, walk, whatever you want.
We paid ₱25 peso entrance fee and had the freedom to walk around the beach. They have huts that you can rent if you want to have a picnic. We just opted to sit on the beach to swim and snorkel.
When we decided to take a walk, we saw resorts around the beach area. I actually like the resorts here. Hoping to stay here next time to avoid the touristy areas. If you want to truly relax, come to this part of Panglao island. 
When we got hungry, we went back to the huts where they have a restaurant and ordered food/drinks. I did not expect the pancit (noodles) to be that big. Uh oh.
This pancit was good for 4 people but I guess we were so hungry after swimming that we ate everything.
I couldn't pass up the opportunity to order something grilled. I love grilled meat for lunch when I'm on vacation especially when I'm on the beach.
BBQ pork! This was so cheap and sooo soo good! Reminds me of my childhood.


  1. We almost flew to Bohol but we were advised not to, due to some typhoon!
    I heard it's beautiful there

  2. That beach looks pretty amazing! I'm so used to seeing beaches literally covered in people. It must have been so nice to walk along the beach without a crowd!


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