15 Random Observations of Rome

October 7, 2016 Rome, Italy

It was my first time to visit Rome last year but it certainly won't be the last as this city has a lot to offer and I barely scratched the surface.
You can read about my random observations series here.

1. Tourists sites are so close to each other.
2. It's hard to distinguish the locals to the tourists.
3. Buses, trains, and streetcars are always packed.
4. It's better to walk.
5. No one "poops and scoops". Dog poop's are everywhere so always watch your step.
6. Cobblestone streets are deadly.
7. Never leave your belongings unattended. Pick pockets are everywhere.
8. Sirens are everywhere and it's blaring any time of day/night.
9. Breakfast is non-existent.
10. No shortage of churches.
11. Men are always well dressed.
12. Prepare to eat several courses for dinner.
13. Cacio e pepe is simply amazing!
14. Aperitivo is taken seriously (try aperol spritz!)
15. You need to validate your tickets when using public transportation.


  1. No breakfast? NO BREAKFAST??? Waaaaaahhhhh... Whyyyyyy???? hahaha...

    1. Cornetto lang po and espresso! They are not heavy on breakfast. But you eat a lot of carbs for lunch and dinner so it makes up for skimping breakfast ;)

  2. I feel like Rome was definitely a city where everywhere you looked there was something beautiful to see! I wish I'd had more days to see Rome because I feel like it would be an amazing city to explore every nook and cranny in :D

    1. I felt like I haven't made a dent on Rome yet. I know I missed a lot of places to see. I will for sure come back again ;)

      I didn't realize that I didn't follow your blog yet. Rectifying that now :)

  3. I've never been to Rome, but I definitely wanna go someday. And it's great to know beforehand that walking is better! :)

  4. I've read a lot of Europe posts that pickpockets are a thing in France and Italy. Good thing, I'm from Manila so it's a basic instinct for me to protect my things.


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