Vatican Museum Part I

May 25, 2016

The walk from my hotel in Trastevere to the Vatican was amazing! It took less than 15 minutes when I caught this view. As a non-practicing Catholic, I still got excited going to the Vatican.
I was hoping to see the Pope from this window..

If you ever want to go to the Vatican Museum, do yourself a favor and book it online in advance. The extra 4 euros charge on your credit card will be worth it! TRUST ME!

The line is very long if you don't pre-book your tickets. Who knows how long you have you wait to get in?  And I don't know how people can tolerate it in the summer.

You have to ensure that you are dressed modestly or you will be turned away. That applies to both the museum and the basilica.

Once you get inside with your online ticket booking, you still have to line up to get the "real" tickets. But it's a shorter line. Then security happens. And off you go! You are free to explore the Vatican Museum.

The Vatican Museum is massive!! You need to spend 2-3 hours inside to see all the art. Or you can spend a day just taking your time exploring this place.


  1. The art in the Vatican is so cool to see! It was awesome.

    Jane / deluminators

  2. The Vatican is gorgeous. That place is on my to visit list.

    Eena / chrisandeena


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