Summer Part II

September 15, 2016

It has been a busy but fun summer! Lots of sunshine and friends visiting from various parts of the world. You can read about how I spent my first part of summer here.

I ended up going camping again. This time we went all the way west to Pinery Provincial Park. I was so happy to have found this place!!! It was heaven!!
I love love this Provincial Park. I love the sand dunes, no mosquitoes, and the sunsets of course! We saw the most glorious sunsets ever! The best one was on our last night. We made sure to come to the beach early to catch it from the beginning to end. It was very magical!
I loved the beach as well although it was rocky and the lake is very wavy!
 And nothing beats summer bbq outside with wood. It tastes x1000 better!
I also had a chance to go to the Toronto Beer Festival. It's always fun every year. I especially love sampling ciders and they had plenty this year. We are having a cider boom in Toronto! and I picked a few favourites from the samples I got.
Another event was the Feast of St. Lawrence Market. We got to dine outside the street and had the most delicious meals with wine pairings from Niagara region.
It was a really fun event and for a great cause!
I also went to the Craft Beer Festival at Steam Whistle. It's much smaller than the Beer Festival in terms of size but it was a lot of fun! Lots of food trucks and beer tents. They had less cider selections but I enjoyed it anyways.
And who can say no to ice cream? This one was from La Diperie. It's soft serve ice cream and you can dip it in chocolate, dark chocolate, etc. and add a whole lot of toppings as you wish! Lots of fun but plenty of calories.
My good friend Keiko came to visit us in Toronto! This is our second time meeting up this year. I have to post my Japan/Taiwan trip earlier this year. It's always so nice to see her!
I took her for lunch at St. Lawrence Market. The picture above is from Carousel Bakery. They serve a "breakfast special". It's basically peameal bacon with egg on a bun. It's SUPER delicious! I used to eat that for breakfast back in college. I got to show her around here and sample more delicious treats!
Nothing beats this view of the Toronto skyline!
A good friend of mine got married in Cambridge. This was their reception set-up. We dined al fresco! It was amazing! The food was great and my friends were the most laid back couple I know. It was perfect and fun! I danced all night and broke one of shoe. It was a very good night!
The next day after the wedding, we walked around Cambridge and had brunch with our friends. It was the perfect long weekend!

I can't really complain on how this summer has turned out except for the 3 weeks sore throat/cold I got at the end of August that still lingers on. But that was probably a good thing because it forced me to sleep more and rest.   

I hope you had a great summer! Now let's bring on Fall. 


  1. Sounds like you've had lots of fun this summer. That beach in the first photo is amazing!

  2. So many gorgeous photos and such delicious food!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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