The Roman Forum

September 29, 2016 Rome, Italy

It's easy to find all the tourists sites in Rome. They are pretty close together. Right after walking around Piazza Venezia, we found the Roman Forum. There is a lookout point to the site and you can just walk around it to see the ruins and take photos. It's really beautiful in person and I liked having the vantage point of being high up to take photos. 

I didn't see the point of paying for the entrance fee anymore so I just took my time looking at the ruins and snapping photos along the way. You can definitely buy the tickets to the Roman Forum and explore it together with the Colosseum. 

It's less crowded than the Colosseum but equally as stunning. And you keep walking around it, you will find the Colosseum in front.


  1. These are amazing shots! Not bad for just walking around the perimeter.

  2. I loved the roman forum when we visited last year. It's crazy how long ago they were built!
    xo April | April Everyday

  3. I was also amazed that these structures are still standing. I was in Rome 3 years ago and it was such a surreal experience. It's like walking into the pages of history. :)

  4. Beautiful photos !

  5. Rome looks enchanting! How I wish I could pack my bags and just explore the streets of Italy and the rest of Europe. Gorgeous photos as always. :)


    1. Thanks! Hope you get the chance to go soon. Following your blog now :)


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