Herculenaeum (Ercolano) Part II

September 1, 2016

We discovered more rooms and houses that are fully preserved. I can't believe that it has survived after all of the devastation that happened in this area. You can still see the houses with second floor stories that have stairs leading up to it. I'm glad that it got preserved and didn't collapse.

We saw bath houses for men and women that are next door to each other. It was really beautiful. 

And intact columns and vases.

The only scary part of this site was the rooms with skulls and bones. It was at the bottom of the site and you can see 3 gated rooms full of it. I only peeked for a few minutes before leaving. It was too creepy for me. 

I highly recommend visiting Herculenaeum especially if you want to visit a site that is more intimate and less crowded. Also, this site is better preserved than Pompeii. And if you wish, why not go to both? I'm sure next time I'm in Naples, I will also visit Pompeii. 

You can read about Part I here.


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