Summer Part I

July 13, 2016

Summer is officially here! I took a couple of days off after Canada Day to have an extended vacation! My very good friend from Germany came to visit Toronto. I was very excited to see him after a couple of years of not meeting up. We had a barbeque to celebrate Canada Day!

Decided very last minute to book a camping trip with my boyfriend. We ended up at Arrowhead Provincial park in Muskoka. I was surprised that we got a campsite for Saturday night. It's usually packed especially on a long weekend. It emptied out on Sunday afternoon when most people left to go back to the city.

The 2 hours drive was worth it when we saw the lake and the view. We also went hiking. We had to burn off all the barbeque's we ate.

We hiked to see Stubbs Falls and Arrowhead Lake Trail. It was fun to hike to the falls. I think it was the best part of this trip! I love searching for waterfalls. 

And this is the Big Bend Lookout point.

And I never pass up an opportunity to have Kawartha ice cream when I'm in cottage county. Delicious and super cheap too! 

My friend from Germany rented a car and we drove to Niagara Falls to meet up with his cousin. Super fun mini road trip!

I almost always go to Niagara Falls when I have guests visiting from out of town. I usually just go see Niagara Falls and Clifton Hills but this time we went to White Water Walk. I was surprised that this attraction existed. It was tons of fun to watch the whirpool of rapids cascading down from the falls.

I hope you are all having a great summer so far! Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! So much good scenery - that rainbow!

  2. Your Canada Day BBQ looks yummy! I love the cute little flags in the burgers!

    Jen | The Emerald Girl

  3. I always love seeing photos of Canada - the scenery is just so beautiful! I love hunting for waterfalls whenever I go somewhere, either waterfalls or lighthouses depending on where we are haha! It sounds like you had a great long weekend!
    xo April | April Everyday

  4. Summer's looking wonderful for you!! Enjoy every moment!


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