Walking around Seoul

September 25, 2015

I was so nervous when I was picking my apartment location in Seoul. For a first time visitor, I'm glad I picked the Jongno-gu area in Seoul. It was walking distance to a lot of historical places or a short metro ride. I ended up walking a lot anyways because it was so nice to pass by all the shops and see all the neighbourhoods. 

The Jongno-gu area has a lot of business buildings.  During the day, I saw a lot of people going to work or picking up coffee during their break. Seoul is littered with cafe's. Every street has at least one coffee shop! And no shortage of restaurants either. It was never a problem finding a restaurant. My problem was which one to go to and what to eat. 

I felt really safe in Seoul. Most people are helpful and could speak English so it was easy to ask for directions. 

Next time I go back, I think I will stay in the more upbeat Gangnam area since I won't be doing as much sightseeing.


  1. I love how vibrant the city looks! There's so much color everywhere, and the changing leaves are just beautiful!

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

  2. I really like the colorful flags hanging!

  3. so beautiful!! love those signs and decorations x



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