Gyeonghuigung Palace

September 21, 2015

We spent our official day in Seoul not doing much. We settled in our apartment and grocery shopped instead of sightseeing. We wanted to relax before diving in into tourist mode. 

The next day was a beautiful but crisp autumn day. After having our breakfast in our apartment, we started walking around our neighbourhood. Armed with a map, we ended up at Gyeonghuigung Palace. It was empty. We wandered around the buildings and I was so happy to take photos without 50 people photobombing me. 

We walked around and admired all the buildings. I love how intricate the designs on each building. It must have painstakingly long to paint all the designs. I even love the designs on the window. I wonder how they survived in the winter? Must have been cold in this palace.


  1. I love all of the colors here. It's really beautiful how they all come together!

  2. I imagine it probably was colder than the modern day buildings, but the heating in Korea was done through the floors. Many of the modern apartments in Korea still have heating through the floors;)


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