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September 1, 2015

Found this Q & A on Stephanie's (Sartorial Diner) blog. I thought it would be fun to answer.

1. What defines you as a blogger?
My blog is very straightforward - it's all about travel. I love sharing my travel adventures. It's all about where I go, what I eat, what I see, and my personal experiences 'on the road'.

2. What is your favorite travel memory from your childhood?
I have a big family and I remember my summers in the Philippines was all about packing everyone in a car or jeepney to go to the beach. We packed a lot of food for a full day stay at the beach. It was always so much fun having my family and extended family together. 

3. What is the craziest experience you’ve had while traveling?
I had a few crazy experiences. One of them was getting into a scooter accident in Varadero, Cuba. We were in a middle of the street on a scooter when we drove by an oil spill. We lost control and was thrown off the scooter. Thankfully, I only walked away with a scrape.
Other one was (again) on a scooter in a middle of Thai jungle in Krabi and we saw an elephant. It was such a cool experience. I ended up walking around the jungle. See photo below.

4. If you were given a photography license for any one place in the world that restricts photography, where would it be?
I'm not sure where that is but I know that some temples in Japan and Bangkok restricts photography. I'm all about respecting rules so even if I get a photography license, I don't think I would want to take photos. Sometimes, it's best to have the memory than the photo.

5. If you had the option of seeing a musical, seeing the sunset from a bridge over a river, seeing a nightscape from a viewpoint, or drinking the local beer/wine at the finest pub/winery which would you choose?
I love a good sunset!

6. What is the best street food you’ve tried while traveling?
I tried a lot of street food all over Asia! I love them all!! I can't pick just one ;)

7. What is the best dessert you’ve had while traveling?
This is tough. I love eating sweets and I'm sure I loved them all but I am now partial to Japanese desserts as it is not too sweet.

8. Which country is at the top of your bucket list?
Italy and Taiwan! The list goes on...

9. What do you do when it rains (pours) while you travel?
I buy an umbrella or hide out by eating while it rains. Or I shop until it stops. 

10. What do you do during a long flight to your destination?
I try to sleep but if that fails I watch movies or read on my kobo. 


  1. Great answers (and questions)! I definitely love watching movies on long flights.

    1. Thanks! Hope you can answer this on your blog as well.

  2. I love reading your answers! I'm glad you were safe and sound after that scooter accident. It sounds pretty scary to me!


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