Namdaemun market

September 29, 2015

After visiting the Gyeonghuigung Palace, we walked all the way to Namdaemun market. I didn't even notice how far we walked because I was too busy taking pictures of everything I saw while walking, haha. The best way to explore for me is always by foot (the bonus is it's a workout). 

Namdaemun market is filled with different stalls selling food, clothing, shoes, accessories and various knick knacks (kdrama and kpop memorabilia). It was hard for me to shop because you really have to bargain and know the price of what you're buying. When you are a foreigner, you always get the inflated price rate so I didn't even bother shopping although before I learned my lesson not to shop at this market, I was looking for shoes. I went to a shop and one of the sales person there was friendly at the beginning. He welcomed us to his shop and I was poking around and found a pair I wanted. I was trying on the shoes when the sales person started asking me a million questions including my heritage and could not stop grilling me about my life. I was getting so annoyed that I just left the shop without buying anything. I lost my appetite for shopping and I went to the food section of the market instead. 

I had better luck there. I ended up sampling various street food. I recommend eating here than shopping. For that, head to Myeong-dong (more on that later). 


  1. Korea looks like an awesome place to be! :)
    I really wanna go here!

  2. I so miss Asian street food!!! Korea looks like a great place to visit.

  3. looks like a bust place with lots of yummy food! :D

  4. One of the places I have yet to visit someday! Your pictures just enthrall me to go there now. Haha. I've got to wait for a couple of years though because broke haha XD Street food is <3

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu


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