Women in Kimono

April 27, 2015

Kyoto is the best for 'kimono watching'. Kimono rental is very popular in Kyoto for tourists. I thought about renting a kimono for myself but knowing how I'm uncoordinated and clumsy I can be - I opted to save my dignity instead. The kimono looks comfortable but I don't know how to pull off the socks/slippers deal. Next time..I might need to practice first.

I loved snapping pictures of women wearing kimono's in the major tourist sites. Each kimono is unique and it looks super luxurious. I know a friend who rented a kimino and a photographer to snap around the temples with her. It was expensive but worth every penny as a souvenir from Japan.

You can also purchase your own kimono's. I personally loved the kimono pajamas provided by our hotels. It was very comfortable! 


  1. races who still wear their traditional clothing in daily life are wonderful because people rarely do that anymore!


  2. Just beautiful- such quality and intricacy!


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