Las Brisas Huatulco

April 8, 2015

During our vacation in Mexico, we stayed in Las Brisas Huatulco resort. The resort has 4 different towns: the mountains (where we stayed), the stars, the clouds, and the sea. Each town has a different colour water tower in order to be easily identified (very helpful especially at night). It felt like we had our own little village within the resort. 

The resort is expansive so be prepared to walk and climb stairs during your stay (but there is a shuttle in case you require it). The mountain rooms is the closest to the main reception and main restaurants. It was walking distance compared to the sea town. I didn't mind all the walking/stair climbing we did at the resort because it burned all the calories from eating too much. I had the best workout that week!

The resort has 3 beach areas as well as two pools. 2 main restaurants for breakfast, plenty of a la carte restaurants, and a snack bar.You will never go hungry! 


  1. 4 different towns in a resort? and a shuttle service? and 2 pools?? OMG i want to see it for myself so badly!!

  2. The resort sounds beyond amazing! (I also love how you coordinate with the town!) So pretty.


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