Shopping at La Crucecita, Mexico

April 5, 2015

I enjoy shopping when I'm abroad. I usually do a quick google before I leave to find out what I should buy in each particular destination. My sister's already told me to buy them vanilla as a souvenir gift in Mexico.

On our first trip to La Crucecita, we walked around the town and got a feel on where to shop and mentally noted down prices from different stores. I love supporting local vendors and I'm trying to buy more practical items as a souvenir and not another key chain.

I loved the market and that's where we mainly shopped. I also went to the grocery store to browse each aisle for things I could buy that we don't have in Toronto. I found a special hot sauce for a friend of mine and lots of coffee that I could buy as souvenir.

I ended up buying vanilla (liquid and pod), mezcal, chocolates, coffee, and blankets.

I always recommend taking a lap around the market and asking for prices before you start purchasing. Being a tourist has it's pitfalls and it's sometimes having to pay a WHOLE lot more when you shop but it never hurts to bargain. Always have small change and of course cash is key.


  1. yes! more practical souvenir and not just keychains haha!

  2. I always take home a magnet :) It was a silly thing I started and then my husband caught on and now we have all these tacky magnets from places we visited. But of course we also include things that seem a bit more authentic or practical. i love all these colors. I bet the blankets you got are gorgeous!

  3. I always look for Christmas tree decorations for souvenirs


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