Kobe Day Trip!

August 23, 2022

I always wanted to visit Kobe but we always had other things to do. Finally, I made it to Kobe with my husband. We woke up early and took the train from Osaka to Kobe. We went to Umeda Station first before changing to Hankyu line. It took us 30 minutes to get to Kobe. I really love taking the train in Japan.

Our first stop was Chinatown. It was amazing. It was a whole street full of food vendors selling buns, roast duck, xiao long bao, etc. 

We walked around and started sampling the food on the street. Check out what we ate here. 

After eating, we walked along another long shopping street. We found a stationary store. I bought some pens for my sister and I bought myself watercolour paper. 

We passed by this clothing store and I immediately wanted the blue swallow sweater that you see in this picture. I tried it on. And it fits and the material of the sweater was really soft. I bought it! 
The small independent stores in Japan are mostly cash only (no credit cards) so I burn through my cash so quickly. Make sure you always carry cash with you. 
I took this picture for Keiko. It has her initial. 
We walked to the port to take pictures. Not much happening here. 
We didn't stay too long at the port because we walked up the hill to Kitano Tenman Shrine. 
This is one of the major Shinto shrines in Kobe. It was fun to explore. Look at the view from the top. Also, we found plum trees blooming. 
I love how quiet it is in Japan. You can be in a bustling city but you will never hear people shouting or being loud. 
We found some unusual houses in Kitano square. The Former Thomas House was the residence of the German trader Godfried Thomas back in the early 1900s. As the only western building in the area that has a weathercock on the roof, its Japanese name is Weathercock Mansion.

The old houses are now museums. It's interesting to see European style architecture in Japan. 

One day in Kobe is not enough to see everything but it was worthwhile to have a day trip. Just walk around, eat, and see some sights. Next time, I will be more prepared and maybe even stay for a night or two. 

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