What I Ate: Kobe, Japan

July 20, 2022

A day trip in Kobe is not complete without going to Nankimachi (Kobe's Chinatown). 

It's a whole street filled with food vendors. It was so exciting to walk down the street and also see food. We were in heaven looking at the different types of food that each vendor is cooking. Our first order of business was just to walk down the street once and figure out which food we should try. 

Our first choice was the pork belly buns. Looked too good to resist it. 

The pork belly was cooked for a long time. It was very soft and delicious! 
Peking duck wrap! Oh man, this was really really good ;)
And of course, we had to get xiao long bao. It was perfect to eat since it was cold. 
We found this food stand with a line. Immediately, joined the line. I love eating croquettes. We got curry, beef, and pork. 

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