What I Ate: Izakaya in Onna

April 15, 2022

We drove around Onna in the dark to try to find an izakaya for our last night on the island. My husband spotted one with his terrific eyesight. 

The owners warmly welcomed us. One of the surprising things we found in the izakaya was fresh bread which was baked by the owner. He gave us free bread with curry (it was delicious!) and seaweed. 

We ordered drinks and skewers. I always ordered whisky highball in Okinawa. The lemon highball is the best. The lemons on the island are sweet and tart at the same time. It goes well with whisky. 

We just ate, had drinks, and laughed a lot. Japanese people are very friendly and it was a very laid back atmosphere. No overpriced food on the menu like we have here in Toronto. 

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