Cape Maeda & Blue Cave Adventures

April 6, 2022

Another fun time exploring another part of Okinawa. We went to Cape Maeda this time because it was so close to Onna. Found the most amazing lookout point. The view was amazing and so was the weather. We got very lucky! 

We explored a lot more and found a beach and cave! My husband found the blue cave. I was hesitant to go in because I got scared of how dark it was inside. The cave is famous for diving and snorkeling. We just went in to explore. It was cold and dark. We were laughing so much because I kept saying it was so dark and I didn't realize that I was still wearing my sunglasses inside the cave. 

It was challenging walking inside the cave. We had to climb up and down rocks and it was hard with the grooves. It felt like I was walking on tree trunks. I ended up ripping my pants. 

We got to the end of the cave quite quickly. We saw the rocks open up at the end and the water got deeper. I didn't want to walk at the end because my pants were getting soaked already and I didn't know how deep it was at the end. We had to walk back to the entrance. 

After our cave exploration, we walked around the beach area. 

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