Life Update 6.0

January 10, 2022

Hello and Happy New Year!! 

It's been a year and I know I promised last time that I would post more but somehow I ended up only having 1 post for the entire year of 2021. 

I do apologize to whoever is still reading and visiting this blog. 

The whole pandemic and family life has thrown me off completely and I had to re-prioritize my life. And not only that, my motivation to keep this blog going went down since I didn't travel for two years. My last trip was in February 2020 just before the pandemic hit. Two whole years! and I don't even know when I will feel comfortable to do so again with new variants emerging left and right. 

But I told myself that this year, I should write again and share my previous travel experiences. This blog is my travel diary so even if no one is reading it, I would like to have something to go back to when I want to reminisce. 

It's fun to see the photos and read about my past travels. Now more than ever, I am glad that travel was my priority because now everything is precarious. 

Let me know in the comments section how you are and what country do you dream to visit. 

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