Birthday Celebration in Japan

January 22, 2022

Part of the reason for going to Okinawa was to spend my birthday there. We flew to Okinawa the day of my birthday. I was very excited to be on the plane on my birthday and landing to explore the island. 

We drove around Onna in the rain to find a restaurant for dinner. We found a traditional family-style restaurant which was perfect for me. I didn't want anything fancy for my birthday. Just something simple with good food. And it's what we got. We all ordered the noodle dish called So-ki soba. A famous Okinawan dish! The broth was delicious.  The noodles were perfect! And the beef was tender. 

We capped off my birthday by going back to our Airbnb and eating cake! Big thanks to my husband and bestie Keiko for making it a special day for me. 

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