The beautiful Okinawa

January 15, 2022

The highlight of my trip in 2018 to Japan was Okinawa. I had no expectations about coming to Okinawa. I just knew that it will be a fun trip since Keiko was coming with us. We went to the mainland only as we only had a few days to spend there. 
The flight from Nagoya to Okinawa was a little over 2 hours. The airport in Naha alone blew me away. They had orchids decorating the airport. I first thought they were fake but upon close inspection, all of them were real. I feel like I landed in paradise.

The food in Okinawa was the best for me. Fresh cheap seafood (yes cheaper than the big cities in Japan!) and also fruits! Ahh, I can't even tell you how excited I get when I think about Okinawa. We had a lot of good memories driving around the coast, going to a cave, eating, and being stuck in Naha for 1 night because our flight was cancelled (more on that later on). 

We had an Airbnb booked in Onna. We wanted to buy far away from the city and U.S military base so booked a rental car to get around Okinawa. Renting a car in Okinawa was a bit of a challenge as you need to have a valid International Driver's License. Keiko ended up driving us around the island because it was easier as she drives in Japan. The paperwork took a bit of time to process before we could drive off with our cute red car. We somehow fit all our luggage into it. 
Keiko drove five minutes from the car rental location to this grocery store and we went nuts buying groceries and snacks to eat while we drove to Onna. 
We found a lot of tropical vegetables and fruits. We explored every inch of this store because we were so excited and of course, we bought the famous spam sandwich. 
Spam sandwich is a good road trip sustenance. 

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