Onna no Eki Nakayukui Market

February 12, 2022

Did someone say market? Our Airbnb was 5 minutes away from Onna no Eki Nakayukui Market. That was our first stop for our eating adventures. 

We first walked around the supermarket to shop and sample snacks. We don't say no to free food. 
I love walking around grocery stores when I travel, you just never know what you can discover. We ended up coming back here to buy some food to take home with us. I bought a bottle of shikuwasa (citrus juice that is similar to calamansi) because I got obsessed with making whiskey highball. 

Just outside of the supermarket are outdoor food stalls selling various types of food. My first stop was getting myself a shikuwasa drink. A refreshing drink on a hot day. 
The next stop was the seafood stall. We ordered tempura, baked mussels and scallops. Btw, this was our snack because we had a full breakfast before we left our house. 

After all the snacking, I went to look at plants and flowers. Okinawa is truly a tropical paradise! I recognized a lot of plants like orchids, hibiscus, etc. It's so similar to what we have in the Philippines. 

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