What I Ate: Hong Kong Part III

April 17, 2018 Hong Kong

We took a day trip to Lamma Island. It took about 30 minutes from Central to Lamma island by ferry. Our main reason for going there was for the seafood. 

This where we decided to have our lunch. Perfect view! 
And they have no shortage of it there. A lot of restaurants are lined up next to the port. Each restaurant has an array of live seafood for customers to choose from. You pick the seafood and they cook it for you. 
It's something I miss when I'm back in Canada. You can never get the same quality of seafood. Our friends ordered all the food again because they know what to get. They ordered clams with oyster sauce and that was really good. I never get to eat this in Toronto. It was very tasty.
They also ordered crab but I'm allergic so I didn't sample it. Everyone else loved it ;)
Yeung chow fried rice!
And razor clams! This is the best! It was so juicy and tasty. I loved the way they cooked this with rice noodles top with garlic. It was definitely the big winner for me.
One of our dinners was at Crystal Jade Restaurant in Times Square.

The photo above was the most amazing dish I ate there. It's the shredded chicken and bean starch sheets with sesame sauce. It was refreshing!
Fried dumplings. We also ordered xiao long bao but we ate it so fast I forgot to take a photo.
Sauteed green soybean with bean curd sheets and preserved vegetables.
And this chicken and vegetable handmade noodle soup.  I was not a fan of it.
Red bean pancake for dessert.


  1. Clams in oyster sauce or black bean sauce are my favorite! Chinese-style clams have this wonderful, savory flavor that's difficult to get outside of a Chinese restaurant. I wouldn't have been a fan of that bowl of noodles either. It doesn't look appetizing. It's a testament to how good the xiaolongbao were if you all ate it before you could get a photo, right?


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