Hellenic Parliament

April 27, 2018 Athens, Greece

We walked from Monastiraki to Syntagma Square. It's always busy here so it's a good place to people watch. Found a bench and sat there for awhile. 
Finally got up from sitting and climbed the stairs up to see the Hellenic Parliament.
We saw a crowd of people starting to gather in front of the entrance and I knew that it was almost time for the changing of the guards.
It was interesting to watch the guards perform the ceremony in their uniforms. I applaud them for enduring the heat while wearing their full uniform. 


  1. Is it immature that I looked at the glutes of that statue? Ok, maybe. I'm sweating just looking at those guards and imagining the heat. :X

    1. That's totally acceptable!

      And I don't know how they keep their composure when it's really hot. I would faint.


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