Bohol Tour - Butterfly Sanctuary

February 15, 2018 Poblacion, Bilar Bohol, Philippines, Philippines

Our next stop on our tour was the Butterfly Sanctuary. The entrance fee is 45 PHP per person ($1 CDN) and you are also provided a guide to take you around the sanctuary.
The sanctuary is very beautiful inside. Full of plants, flowers, and of course butterflies!
Our guide told us that butterflies snacks on mangoes. They love it!
I got one butterfly to land on my hand.
Spot the pretty butterfly. It's blending in with the plants.
I was very fascinated with this flower. It's so vibrant! It's called "ginger flower".
At the end of our tour, our guide made us pose in front of preserved butterflies and took this photo of us.


  1. Oh my, that last photo is so adorable! A butterfly sanctuary looks interesting. Pretty cool that you got one to land on your hand. I think the world needs more places like this. Seems peaceful.

    1. Thank you Alyse!

      We really do need more sanctuary for animals.

  2. Oh Bohol. It's in my Philippines To-Visit!

  3. Lovely photos! I wasn't able to take much good ones as it was raining when we visited. The tour guides there were lots of fun though and they patiently let all 12 of us pose by the preserved butterflies and take our photos one by one!

    xx, Richel V. | ♥


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