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September 6, 2017 Macau

I want to wish you all a Happy September! I can't believe summer is over now :( Such a bummer but looking forward to a very busy month of September.
You can't go to Macau without sampling or hoarding snacks. We were told by our friends from Hong Kong to try all the snacks.

And you can't miss it because each store will have a person outside ready to entice tourists with samples to lure you inside their stores.
You can buy so many different types of snacks and some are in fancy boxes.
The beef jerky is the most popular! They have a lot of different types. I'm not a fan so I didn't sample them.
They also have different types of candies. I bought ginger candies and they are the best! It's really strong but it helps a lot if you have a sore throat. I bought the pack on the far right.
I also bought pineapple tarts for my friend Keiko. She loves them!
 I saw people purchasing suitcases full of snacks!
This man was making my absolute favourite snack - peanut cookies! He was making it from scratch and I watched him for a few minutes.
He used a wooden mold to create the cookies.
They were absolutely delicious! I wished I had room to buy a suitcase full of peanut cookies :(

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  1. I love jerky! I could eat a whole pack in 1 sitting =)
    Naturally I bought a few packs when I was there in Macau.


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