What I Ate: Hong Kong Part II

September 15, 2017 Hong Kong

After shopping in Hong Kong, we had dinner with our friends and they took us to a restaurant in Kowloon. I happily followed our friends to get to this place and they took care of ordering our dinner. It was a local's only place.
They always order the best dishes!
This one was my favourite - deep fried squid with cashews. I like anything with nuts for added crunchiness.
And we also ordered sweet and sour pork, rice, steamed chicken with soy sauce, and eggplant on a hot pot.
We went to Bing Kee for the Hong Kong style milk tea. I got hooked to drinking milk tea after this. It's so good! And this restaurant is just off an alley and you sit on plastic stools and they have really tiny folding tables for customers to use.
It's the best drink on a hot day.
The tea was delicious and the chicken wings are the best! The perfect snack for me :)


  1. That first chicken dish! The food looks delicious -- that first chicken dish is really making me miss Cantonese food.

  2. You are adventurous with food! Look so yummy though.

    1. I will try anything once as long as I'm not allergic to it.


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