Macau Pandas

September 12, 2017 Macau

I have a mild obsession with pandas and when I was planning my visit to Macau, I found out that they have a giant panda pavilion. I knew I needed to go see the pandas.
After visiting the sites and hoarding snacks, we went to the Venetian casino to walk around. I thought we had plenty of time to see the pandas but quickly realized we spent a lot of time at the casino.
Taking the bus was out of the question so we took a taxi to the pavilion.
I was panicking but thankfully we made it in time. There was no line to get the tickets and we rushed to the building where the pandas live. Of course the first thing we saw was this cutie eating bamboo. Just chilling and eating.
I have no idea if this is a male or female panda. Loved watching him/her though walk around their home. We only spotted 2 pandas. The babies were not here.
It certainly made my year! I was so happy I went here. And of course I hoarded some items from the gift shop. I bought key chains, stickers, and a stuff toy.

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