What I Ate: Lunch in Obu

March 18, 2017 Obu, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

We stayed in Obu, Aichi for two nights before leaving for Taiwan. On our full day in Obu, A was not feeling well so we decided to stay in our hotel instead of going to downtown Nagoya. 

Obu is so small and there is barely anything to do there. After staying in our room the whole morning, we decided to walk around Obu. It was very windy but we still walked around. 

We just kept walking trying to find some of sort of life in Obu but it was mostly quiet. We found a post office and we took out some cash from the ATM but aside from that, it was deserted. We walked back to our hotel and I asked the receptionist if she could recommend a restaurant for lunch. We communicated in broken English and I half understood her instructions on where to go. It was a short walk from our hotel.

We hesitantly entered Mikado restaurant. It was actually lively there with senior people having their lunch. We sat on the mat and our server tried to communicate with us but she gave up and found another lady who spoke English. She helped us with the menu and ordered our food. 
Of course, I ordered a bento because that's what I do. I loved it!

And my boyfriend ordered this chirashi bowl.

I was surprised when they brought it out because there was a lot of dishes! I was in heaven! This is exactly what I wanted. So many different small dishes for me to taste..yaasss!!! I loved the custard and also the tamago (rolled egg). Everything was delicious. I didn't recognize a few ingredients but it was fine, I ate everything anyway! and it was also a very affordable lunch!

My legs were hurting after seating down on the floor for long time. I don't know how people can sit on the floor for hours. I need more practice.


  1. My legs get numb sitting on the floor, too, unless I'm stretched out which I'm sure you can't do in such a restaurant. That is an interesting chirashi bowl -- there doesn't look to be a whole lot of fish!

    1. My boyfriend did not get a lot of fish but he was happy with his lunch.

  2. Woah I love how they have all these small colorful dishes to hold a variety of yummy things. I'm so used to the generic, white, square dishes made of plastic when going to eat at restaurants that it's pretty refreshing and fun to see all those shapes and colors. Oh and I'm a huge fan of tamago too! ;)


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